Boron RTC not retaining time with resets

Hi guys!

I have noticed that on the Boron, the RTC time is lost with every Pin Reset, or System.Reset called from the user program. I tried with OS V2.0.1 & V4.0.2 with no success
This was not the case with Electrons, I’ve been using them for a while with great results.
I am aware the RTC is not a very accurate one on the Boron, but since I have an online device, this is not too bad, but it has been challenging to keep a semi-accurate time on my devices.

Any advice?

Gen 3 devices (nRF52840) do not preserve the RTC across reset, because it’s just a counter in the MCU.

Gen 2 devices (STM32F2xx) have a dedicated RTC peripheral in the MCU that is preserved across resets and in some cases can be powered separately from the rest of the MCU.

There is no easy solution to this, other than including an external RTC. That’s what the Tracker does, adding a AB1805 RTC.

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