Boron OTA for PIC16F18446

I have several PIC16F18446 devices that I would like to try and retrofit so that they have OTA capability and the ability to broadcast data to the cloud. I have several questions though and am looking for a good in depth tutorial. If I generate a .hex file from MPLABX, is it possible to send this new file over the Boron to the Microchip device? Question 2 ,which is a big one, how would one set this up? Are there tutorials out there on this?

@cgaufin, welcome to the community. Your first question here is a doozy! The PIC has a programming feature called ICSP or In-Circuit Serial Programming which, in theory, you could connect to the Serial1 pins of the Boron along with an extra GPIO for the MLCR*/Vpp function. You would then have to write code for the Boron to emulate the ICSP protocol to, in theory (again), program the PIC. The idea would be to download the PIC code to the Boron, possibly to an external flash depending on code size and available memory, then program the PIC via the ICSP interface and protocol. Sounds easy but is most likely not that simple.

As for your second question, the truth is that there is no such example in the Particle community. However, if you search the internet, there may be an example of some clever coder doing something similar but with a different platform (not Particle), which you could learn from and possibly port to the Boron.