Boron not charging while sleeping (Solar)


I have a 6V 2W panel connected to VBUS for charging a Tenergy Li-Ion (2-cell 18650) 3.7V 5200mAh battery pack. I have seen some of the other posts about issues with the Power Manager software in v1.4.x DeviceOS and followed the recommendation to implement in the setup() function detachInterrupt(LOW_BAT_UC) followed by delay(2000). This fixes charging issues while the Boron is awake and actively running but as soon as it goes back to sleep, it reverts to “flickering” the PMIC charging light and it is effectively not charging the battery pack. We use the following call to put the Boron to sleep:
System.sleep(PIN_PARTICLE_WAKE, RISING, sleepTime);

Typical sleep time is 30 minutes and the Boron is awake for 20-30seconds.

How can I get the Boron to charge while sleeping using solar connected to VBUS?


@Tim-D, I’ve performed some recent testing with variable power supply (Current and Voltage), and with 6V Panels. Tests were performed using the Vusb pin.

It appears that the Boron DPDM is going crazy during Sleep.
After Calling enableDPDM(); during setup, the Boron will obey both Current and Voltage limits per the user’s settings for a Solar Panel, while it’s awake (as expected). The Boron will automatically manage the current to maintain the Voltage Setpoint (Solar Panel).

But as soon as a Sleep event starts, one DPM mode (either VINDPM or IINDPM) is immediately failing and charging stops.
This is just my guess, as we have no way to read the PMIC status register REG08[3] from a Sleeping Boron to help determine what’s going wrong with DPDM during sleep w/ 1.3+ firmware.

This isn’t limited to Solar Powered Borons.


@oddwires1 - I’m curious if there’s a workaround inclusive to Slee Mode?