Boron getting extremely hot

My Boron will not connect to the LTE flashing green, ands gets so hot I burnt my fingers when touched, unit still flashes green… only ever been used with usb and on liion battery. Still has tinker on it never been plugged into anything.

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Probably best to return it and don’t plug it into a computer unless it’s a macbook.
(I don’t like macs)

How exactly were you running it? In air? In the shipping foam? Antenna attached? The safe way is in a breadboard. The other Borons I’ve seen on here suffering overheating I think we’re from short circuits between pins. I suppose there could be a manufacturing defect but can you confirm your setup first? And can you confirm where you are? US? Good cellular coverage there?

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I wonder if @ninjatill is onto something asking about the antenna. It’s not connected in your photo. I’m pretty sure the external cellular antenna is required for proper operation. Without it, the uBlox cellular modem might be working at trying to connect to the cell network, but failing and constantly retrying.

I had the antenna connected at all times that the unit was powered.

Ya I have 2 boron’s this one was working great then it quite connecting. I had it all out just for a picture.

Please file a support ticket at the support page on this and reference this thread.

I had this happen to an Argon once. I found that I was applying 5V to one of the GPIOs. luckily it still works. Ive had it going for a while now.

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