Boron 1.4.2 battery charging issue

So any resolution on this? I think I’ve found the fix for my devices for now, but are you planning on rolling anything into some of the upcoming firmware releases?

Yeah, I am waiting for this disaster to be fixed as well. Currently dying to be able to use Boron in the 6w Solar + 3.7v LiPo use case but I need to be able to enable and disable charging based on temperature 32f+/- readings. Currently seems like such a confusing nightmare with all these changes, problems, experiments, half-fixes, etc that I am just waiting for Particle to communicate about this.



Is there a solution for this yet? I am using firmware 1.4.4. on a Boron 3g unit and I am experiencing the same issue. The pmic.enableBuck(); appears to work once. Here is my test method:

  1. Power on the Boron 3g with VIN powered at 5 volts.
  2. Ensure that pmic.enableBuck(); is called.
  3. Remove power from VIN.
  4. Take the EN pin low
  5. Reattach 5 volt power to VIN.
  6. Charging works!
  7. Remove power from VIN again.
  8. Reattach 5 volt power to VIN again.
  9. Charging does NOT work!

Is there a solution?

Thank you.

  • Chris

@happicow, It appears 1.5.0-rc1 fixed the issue, and added a clean API (SystemPowerConfiguration).
Although I didn’t test it with a 3G Boron, here’s a sample link with a few results.