BLE setValue is "slow" (about 90ms), why?

I noticed that updating the value of a BLE characteristic with setValue(buf, len) is quite “slow”, it takes about 90ms when a device is connected and receiving the characteristics notifications. If no device is connected, the update takes < 1ms.

  • Is this caused by the NRF hardware or softdevice or is it the DeviceOS which takes this time?
  • Is there a ways to make this update faster?

Some relevant code snippets:

BleCharacteristic c1 = BleCharacteristic("a", BleCharacteristicProperty::NOTIFY, BleUuid(0x0001), sensorService)
uint8_t buf[4];
c1.setValue(buf, sizeof(buf));
c2.setValue(buf, sizeof(buf));

Log output (look at time difference):

0001126481 [hal.ble] TRACE: hal_ble_gatt_server_notify_characteristic_value().
0001126598 [hal.ble] TRACE: hal_ble_gatt_server_notify_characteristic_value().

Boron 2G/3G, deviceOS 1.4.0

@nils are you hosting a mesh network on that device? Bluetooth and Mesh share a radio so there will be some delays. You can remove it by using the particle mesh remove <device ID/name> to see if that makes a difference.

A less nuclear option should be

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Interested in BLE progress. Surely sharing a radio hasn’t to do with setting the internal value…

Thank you for the hints regarding mesh, didn’t think about that! But…

No, the device is not hosting a mesh network.

I added this to my setup(), didn’t change anything.

setValue() takes this time only if a device is connected and receiving the notifications. Without connection the function returns in <1ms.

Any update on this? I tried changing the BleTXRxType to NACK in setValue thinking it might have been waiting for an acknowledge, but it still 93 on my Boron, deviceOS 1.4.4 with