BLE getCharacteristicByUUID / getValue(buf, 128) only returns 20 bytes

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Hello all,

I am trying to use a Boron (as central device) to read a characteristic on another BLE device. This characteristic contains only a single array of 128 bytes. When I read the data from that characteristic:

BleCharacteristic   ble_char;
byte  char_data[128];

ble_peer.getCharacteristicByUUID(ble_char, BleUuid("4149524C-03B7-0014-0004-000000000001");
ble_char.getValue(char_data, 128);

Only the first 20 bytes are returned. Any ideas as to how I retrieve the remaining 108 bytes from this characteristic? I am able to read it just fine from smartphone applications such as nrfConnect and Lightblue without any problems.


  • Chris


Second one - can you please use BLE category? Thanks