BLE Central Mode

+1 on the BLE central mode

We have a wide deployment of custom BLE sensors deployed in the field. We’ve looked at using Particle in the past to connect these to the cloud, but the lack of BLE support has been a deal-killer.

With this new mesh generation we really hope that Particle will implement the ability to collect advertised data and connections to BLE peripherals as noted in this thread. That would be hugely attractive!



I stopped using Particle (Redbear duo) because (lack) of this. I am part of the second mfg run because of this. Please, please ! Give us BLE central !



Hello @jberi , in light of what was announced last night on the Bluz forum, is there more you can tell us about the plans for BLE for the new generation?

+2 On including common BLE functionality.

+3 and I am sure many more on standard BLE functionality.

Like the others I am keen to use BLE on Xenon’s in particular. Indeed I ordered a number before I became aware that BLE would not be available on the initial firmware.

On the other hand I appreciate that Particle focussed on getting the initial firmware solid.

Is there any planned schedule available for the introduction of BLE in the firmware? (I need to decide whether to add an additional board with BLE or possibly move to an alternative processor family entirely).


Hey folks – Bluetooth APIs for Mesh are on our radar and will be one of the first new features added to the Device OS beyond stability improvements to the existing Particle Mesh functionality. Learning from the preorder process, it’s too early in the design and execution process for us to commit to a timeline.

Specifically for RedBear, we have committed to the following:

  • Sales of RedBear hardware through the end of Q1 2019 (with a last buy on 3/29/19)
  • Support of RedBear hardware through the end of Q3 2019

Our intention is to create a transition path for RedBear customers, which relies on the Argon and the Xenon to provide equivalent functionality to the Duo and Nano. Obviously, that is not possible without support for Bluetooth APIs, which hopefully gives you a sense of our intended timeline for shipping these features to the community.


I concur with the desire for full bluetooth support with Mesh. You might consider a phased approach starting with the ability to rx advertisements and customize tx advertisements followed by support for characteristics.

Beauty of open source is for you to tinker without waiting.

There’s a WIP branch:

Thanks for the tip on the ble branch. Is there any preliminary docs on the api?

I tried to build the branch on osx but get an error described here: Build Error on OSX - can't find rsa.h.

Add another request for this feature to the list. I pre-ordered several mesh hardware kits the day they were announced, and they’re still sitting in the boxes unopened because they lack this capability. An easy way to scan for nearby advertising beacons/sensor tags seems like a no-brainer. Our business sorely needs an easy way to do BLE scanning with a cellular connection (especially cat m1/nb-iot), and this feature would bring us back to Particle the day it was available.

Also add me to the list of needing this feature.

Any updates?

Ditto…Redbear DUO is sun-setting and we need time to move over to Argon.

Hello. Did they answer you, and if so, what did they say about this?

The BLE API is actively being worked on but I haven’t heard of a targeted release date, probably because it hasn’t been nailed down yet. Mesh/connectivity stability is the Numbah One Thing, and I think that BLE is #2.

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The API seems to be mostly implemented in the feature/ble/hal branch. I am wanting to test. Unfortunately, while and I can build and deploy the os to an Argon, I can’t seem to reference the API or use the examples provided. No doubt it’s a reference issue, but I can’t seem to figure it out. I can reference the objects/types/structures in the BLE library, but none of the functions defined in ble_hal.h.

As long the APIs are not exposed you need to build a monolithic firmware via Ctrl+Shift+B

Hi, Thanks,

Initially I was not sure what you were referencing here. I see that this is workbench now and I am giving it a try. I can compile and deploy locally with the released device OS’s, but how do I do it with development branches? I am new to VS Code.

How’s this going? I see the BLE branch isn’t that far ahead anymore.