bh1750 light sensor library

it is the first time i develop for Spark, so execuse my errors.
I’ve built a bh1750 library for Spark
you can find it here:
It is ported from

I’ve checked it an it seems to me it doesn’t have any problem. Anyway, if someone could check it, then i can publish it through the Spark build UI.

Thank you!

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@hozone, looks good to me! I assume you test compiled it on the IDE? If so, I say it’s a go to publish :smiley:

Thank you for reply,
Yes, tested using IDE, but also compiled and flashed using the spark CLI. (can you point me on other way?, I know about some Eclipse plugin, …)
I will test it for some week in a device i’m building, then i will publish it. The device works using a Xively library i’ve build Both will be published after some test.

p.s. Your DHT22 library helps me to understaind how to develop a library for the Spark world. :wink:

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