Best practices low power and sleep under 0.8.0 rc27 firmware

Hi Folks,
I’ve built a solar-powered bike tracker for my bike using the Boron and Adafruit GPS feather breakout.

I’m excited about the new firmware with sleep functionality but until it’s out, I wonder what I could do to approximate its functionality?

I have a vibration sensor attached to D8, so I know if the bike is being moved.

What I’d love is to be able to:
-sleep if stationary >3 minutes
-wake on vibration or 2 hours have elapsed (I want to be able to report air temperature and quality)

I have tried to attach a vibration sensor to the TPL5111 enable timer to approximate the above functionality, but the vibration sensor’s “pulse” is too short to reset the TPL. I can wire a trigger, or just replace the TPL with a smaller microcontroller, but that all seems like overkill.

Is there a way I can approximate sleep in the Boron with the current firmware?

Thanks a lot,


On battery this only draws 5mA during the delay period. But 0.9.0 is now here with Sleep support, so we should be able to do better. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to testing 0.9.0 sleep!