Best approach XML Parsing vs HttpServer recieving a post

Really not sure how to title this topic…

I am sitting on a fork in the road related to my development approach of a project I am working on. I have 2 ways of getting data from the internet, this data will drive some logic on a photon.

I can get this data by doing an http get (Periodic polling), and the response contains my data in XML format OR I can set up an http server on the photon and the data pushed to me in a HTTP post where the data is available in form variables.

Not being overly familiar with C++, what is going to be the better approach?

I searched the forum and githib, but couldnt find any decent xml parsing libraries.

I am working on the Polling approach and working on parsing the XML, but the string.IndexOf() function appears to be having issues using “<” and “>” (or it could be me :slight_smile: )


I wrote one a while ago, so you might get some ideas from it.

It was for really large data and parsing chunks as they come in. It still works, but I think a webhook would be cleaner if you don’t go over the size limit.