Beginner here - Function not returning variable value, only variable type

We are trying to get Particle to send a variable value in return when its LED at D7 is turned on with a switch. The code is sending the variable type instead of the variable value to the Cloud. I want to use this variable value as a trigger in IFTTT and get a notification sent to my mobile. How do I get the variable value instead of type?


// -----------------------------------------
// Function and Variable with buttonInputs
// -----------------------------------------

// port led
int led = D7; 
int buttonInput = D2; // This is where your buttonInput is plugged in. The other side goes to the "power" pin (below).

int buttonValue; // Here we are declaring the integer variable analogvalue, which we will use later to store the value of the buttonInput.

// Next we go into the setup function.
void setup() {
    // D7
    // pinMode(power,OUTPUT); 

    // turn off led

    // We are going to declare a Particle.variable() here so that we can access the value of the buttonInput from the cloud.
    Particle.variable("buttonValue", &buttonValue, INT);

// Next is the loop function...

void loop() {

    if ( digitalRead(buttonInput) == LOW ) {         // check if the input is HIGH (button released)
    digitalWrite(led, HIGH); // turn LED ON
     } else {
    digitalWrite(led, LOW);  // turn LED OFF


    // check to see what the value of the buttonInput is and store it in the int variable analogvalue
    // buttonPushedValue = analogRead(buttonInput);
        buttonValue = analogRead(buttonInput);

What do you mean you get the variable type.
The way you do it there will set the value between 0 and 4095 which you can retrieve via buttonValue
Try one of these sites to check