Batch updating "sleepy" Electrons OTA

Hi there. I have around 100 Electron-based devices in the field which are put to sleep with:


…i.e. they may only wake up every 30 seconds (if WKP doesn’t happen to rise) and the cellular modem remains attached to the network all of the time.

I would like to flash a new version of my application to all of these devices over the air. Is there a way of doing such a batch update with devices that wake-up at this kind of rate?


Hey @RobMeades – great question. We have a mechanism to queue firmware updates (it’s how we do System updates), but it’s not very well exposed and probably needs some more love before it’s ready to become a widely available firmware feature. I know that this is something that’s important to product creators, since they can’t guarantee that their customers’ devices will be online when they want to roll out updates.

I can think of a clever way to do this in firmware which would essentially check a server side variable flag that controls whether the device stays online or should go back to sleep for another cycle. This flag could be changed to a “1” when you wanted to process an update, and back to a “0” when the update is complete. This would give you manual control over the wake/sleep loop of the device and allow you to remotely keep the device online long enough to process an update.

Hey @RobMeades, you can add them to a Product in and they’ll all automatically update to whatever your most recent Release Firmware is!

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@Dick Was this batch firmware update process just rolled out and documented or has this been possible before now? I think it’s new but wanted to make sure. It looks like a great way to keep all deployed devices updated with the latest firmware.


Unless set individually, any device that does not report this released version of firmware will automatically download and run it next time it comes online.

Seems likes a July 2015 thing -

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Yup, about a year old now

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Ah, so I get this if I setup an organisation? Probably worth the money. Thanks.

Great! We think so. I think you’ll be excited by an upcoming announcement, too.

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