Bad return code from endTransmission on the Pi?

Hey everyone,

I started using the beta Raspberry Pi support last night and it’s mostly good (like a beta :smile:). Problem is, the Wire.endTransmission() doesn’t seem to return the correct error code. I got the code below to work last night. Seems that the endTransmission method doesn’t return the expected 0 for success…


//if (Wire.endTransmission(false) == 0) {
    Wire.requestFrom(address, 1, true);
    if (Wire.available()) {
        cmd =;
        is_success = true;

What response code do you get?
What do you get of an Wire.endTransmission(true)?

I get a 1 when endTransmission(false), the same when true. Either way, the I2C bus responds as expected. Although when true, the bus pauses for a while before resuming (seen in logic analyzer).