Baboomi: A better vibrating alarm clock

I have a new Kickstarter campaign that will be using WiFi for communications and would like to use the Spark Core instead of the ‘electric imp’. I backed the project and cannot wait to get my hands on it. Do you have any more beta units available? What would be the delivery time for 1,000 or more spark-core devices?


Baboomi on Kickstarter

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Very cool.
It would be useful if you could control a Wemo from the alarm settings, so
you could switch on a lamp / kettle when you wake up.

I have a friend who sleeps so deeply he has to use multiple devices to wake up - especially things he cant turn off without getting out of bed.

Controlling Belkin Wemo from Spark Core

Very nice device! I have been spending too much lately or I would definitely get one! That said I backed you for $1, and shared the kickstarter to show support and keep updated on your progress! It would be awexome if you guys decided to make it all open source as well… so much potential for customizing this device it would be a shame if it wasn’t open source.

I wish it was possible to understand how the device wakes you up… if not vibration… is it at least moving? What is the frequency that the linear actuator operates at?

You might consider putting the WiFi to sleep until it’s time to wake up the user, so you can claim the RF energy is OFF completely while you are sleeping. Many people have a fear about RF energy long term near their head. Honestly I don’t think it’s going to hurt you, but you only get one chance to find out :slight_smile:

Good luck and make it a success!

Really great questions.
It uses linear actuators instead of a motor like most devices. That allows us to independently control the vibration amplitude as well as the frequency. The amplitude is adjustable from 0 to 100%, with 100% providing a very strong vibration. The frequency is adjustable from 1hz to about 1khz. Yes, at 1khz it is audible and is then possible to be used as an audible alarm or used as a last resort if you don’t wake up using inaudible vibration. This is what makes this alarm so unique.
We’ve looking at making the WiFi enabled only when the Baboomi is placed on the charger. That would accomplish two things: save power and ease peoples minds about the RF energy issue. We will at the very least, make this an option.
Thanks again for the great response and the support.

@Jeff30161, looks like an awesome project! We’d love to help you out by getting you Spark Cores for your product. Shoot me a direct email and we can talk about bulk orders, which we’re still working out the details on. Unfortunately we’re fresh out of beta units but we can talk about timelines and how to get you started on development.

zach [at] sparkdevices [dot] com