Atomiot (Formerly Spark Tools) - Monitor Spark Projects with zero code.. and other stuff


I know that this topic started 5 years ago, but @kareem613 stopped his Atomiot service recently.
For understandable reasons of course…

I found Atomiot very easy to use and with just the needs I had. And, it was free!
I’d like to thank him warmly for all the efforts he made!

Till now I have not yet found any service which is as easy and giving the same possibilities.
What do I expect?

Easily register all my Particle devices (25 pcs now) and allow me to pick any of the Particle variables they publish and put them on a timeline together.

For example:

Any tips to a similarly useful (and free) service?

I can do that in Google docs, that’s fine, but it requires a lot of work each time to maintain the data.
Also with Blynk it seems possible with one Particle device. But I did not find yet how to combine data from different devices with Blynk.



I checked out UBIDOTS, but it is too expensive for me: $20/month + $3/additional device.

Here is a link showing some alternatives: LINK

Did someone try out one of these yet?