AssetTracker Shield - HTTP Post

Hello I am very new to programing and the arduino. I am working on a project using the AssetTracker Shield and having it post to a traccar server via http. I have modified the example code to add Speed,Heading,Altitude, Number of satellites. I am able print this data via serial just fine and also use the particle.publish funtion and have it working well. But I need to use the HTTPClient Library to send the data to a URL.

Here is my serial data code:

Serial.print("Location: ");
Serial.print("Lat: "); Serial.print(t.readLatDegree());
Serial.print(", ");
Serial.print("Lon: "); Serial.println(t.readLonDegree());
Serial.print("Speed (knots): "); Serial.println(t.readSpeed());
Serial.print("Angle: "); Serial.println(t.readAngle());
Serial.print("Altitude: "); Serial.println(t.readAltitude());
Serial.print("Satellites: "); Serial.println(t.readSatellites());
Serial.print("HDOP: "); Serial.println(t.readHDOP());
Serial.print("FIXQ: "); Serial.println(t.readFixquality());

Which I get the following via serial:

Location: Lat: 22.222222, Lon: -11.111111
Speed (knots): 0.050000
Angle: 100.580002
Altitude: 278.899994
Satellites: 8
HDOP: 0.990000

So posting to serial has the right data... I need to construct the following URL from that data

If i use curl ' from my command line replacing proper and device ID it posts properly. But now I need the electron to make that url and post. I do have the HTTPClient libary just not sure how to format the request.path properly so it makes the url above from the strings from the GPS.


Well walked away for a few and figured it out myself…

request.path = ("/?id=000001&lat="+(t.readLatDegree())

Sometimes walking away for a few helps…


@netsound Hey mate, Did you ever get this working? Were you able to post straight from your device to traccar?