Argon Compile Error

I complied code I use on an Electron for an Argon but get the following compiler error:

‘Wire1’ was not declared in this scope

In my code is the following reference:
LIS3DHI2C accel(Wire1, 0, WKP);

What should I be using in the Argon code for I2C wire?

Thanks for any help

Did a quick check and it’s not available for Argon and Xenon.

Have filed an issue here:

It is available but there is a missing change that was only made available for Boron to get Wire1 working.

For now, are you able to use Wire?

Wire1 is the secondary I2C interface on Electron, Argon and Xenon, but that’s connected with D2/D3 (on mesh devices) and may not yet be fully implemented.

If you can I’d try the primary interface Wire first.

I have a carrier board I created for my Electron that I’m using and would like to see if it will work for the Argon. I have the pin adapter that was created by Particle which I hoped would allow me to still use this carrier board I created.

I’m using Wire1 in code which uses:

SLC Pin C5 and SDA Pin C4 on the Electron.

So in order to still use this board without changes I need SLC Pin C5 and SDA Pin C4.

As Kenneth pointed out, it’s a bug in system firmware that Wire1 is not supported on the Argon and Xenon.

However, for your specific application it wouldn’t work anyway because the classic adapter does not pass classic C4 to any pin. You may be able to cut the jumper to C5 and run wires between C4/C5 on your board and D0/D1 (Wire).

Thanks Rick…that’s a thought but may just have to create a new board!

This is fixed with PR