Arduino coding servos

I want to edit this code from a sunlight tracker, i want to edit it so the horizontal motor can rotate 360° aroud insted of 180 (i would be changing the servo for a continues rotation servo) and as u can see the code has 2 servos and 4 ldr censor, i woikd like to eliminate the vertical servo from the code i only need the horizontal servo but i need it to move in any direction as 360 around as need to poit at the sun as if i was in a moving car that changing direction but the tracker wold always point at the sun

Hey there,

Three questions:

  1. Are you aware this forum is for Particle, not really arduino?
  2. What code?
  3. What’s your question?

I believe you really do need two servos to capture the whole range of motion of the sun, unless you happen to live on the equator. Why do you think one would suffice?

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Horizon and “sun’s zenith” (elevation at noon) don’t really share one plane anywhere on earth - especially not at the equator :wink:

On the other hand, near the poles you get minimum elevation of the sun in the course of a day, but driving around by car isn’t much fun there either :sunglasses:

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