App code was invalid

When I attempt to compile a program in Spark Dev on my Mac, I get the error App Code was invalid. I developed the code on the Web IDE so I know it compiles, loads and runs. Copied and pasted that code to the Spark Dev. Saved it to folder Documents > Spark > TempLight1 > TempLight.ino Also did a save to >TempLight2 > TempLight.cpp

Neither program will compile. Have quit and restarted Spark Dev, re-opening files, and still will not compile.

Is there some black magic to the directory structure, the file naming? Am I missing files because I cut and pasted the code?

Trying to File > New does not create a helpful directory either, as it does in the Arduino IDE.

Explicit help on directory structure required and exactly how to start a new project in the Spark Dev IDE would be much appreciated.

Possibly there is an answer for you already in some of the other threads with this or similar titles.

In one of them you’ve parallel posted already.


Since this is just a repost of the question you asked in the topic @ScruffR pointed out, I’m going to close this topic in order not to flood the forum with reposts. This topic will be closed automatically 6 hours after the last reply. Should you feel this topic needs to remain open, even though it’s a repost, let me know.

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