ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Photon


Wowwww… We love you guys!!


I use Firefox 18.0.1.
I tried it on my tablet now and there it works.


will they be available from your uk distributors e.g. cpc, as $10+tax international shipping kills this a bit for me.

also i assume they still don’t have enough ram to do ssl?

otherwise wow.


Damn. Perfect Timing on this announcement! It’s like it was made just for me.

Who wants to help me port eLua to the photon? It’s already 99% done because there is a port for STM32F205, basically just needs a driver for the wifi. (And probably some other things as well.)

@spark, is this the exact same stuff that’s in the (ridiculously expensive) WICID kits from broadcom? If so, I’m getting started today.

Also, is the usb port hooked up straight to the micro using a CDC serial port?


I can’t pre-order… the link takes me to a page prompting me to enter my password, but I can’t get past that.


@vicatcu, the password is “timetojointheiot” :smile:




Awesome! Can’t wait. Love the flash and ram space that’s available!

How do I order quantities? This is a good replacement for the BT module we are already using in our product.


send us an email at and we can talk you through it :slight_smile:


Any specific reason(s) for moving away from TI’s CC3x00 series?


More about moving to the Broadcom chipset :slight_smile: The BCM43362 has been on the market for a while now and has proven its reliability, which was something we really wanted to focus on with this next release.


Just bought 2 (Was planning to buy another core sooner or later lol)

Great job Spark Team


Probably going to miss the free shipping, but as soon as payday gets here I’m down for one. Very exciting news. Congrats on the new product!


When I ordered it, it said that it wouldn’t be charged until shipping. So, no need to wait until payday :slight_smile:


@zach - does this mean that the core will run a webserver and users can set-up WiFi credentials by changing their settings on a webpage running on the core ?

Also, if the core will be an access point does this mean cores will be able to communicate directly with each other ?


@Rockvole–thanks for the question!

By default, the module supports both these features–however, the Photon is still a resource-constrained embedded system, so we’ll have to optimize for a lot of variables, including user memory space.

Long story short, this is still TBD. We’ll provide updates as soon as possible!


It would be amazing if just a single client even was possible.
For areas without a router, use the core in AP mode and stream data over the network


Congratulations on the Photon launch. A surprise indeed - I was assuming we were going to see a CC3100/CC3200 related product launch.

The CC3000 was an exciting project in terms of being far more open to hobbyist development than most of what had gone before but in the end what TI delivered was unfortunately fairly unsatisfactory in many ways.

The CC3100 and CC3200 looked like really substantial improvements (so much so that I think they should have gone with a new name rather than sticking with the somewhat tarnished CC3XXX brand) but I can understand your shift to Broadcom - obviously they have far more long time credibility in the wifi space with chips in pretty much everything!

Hope it works out well - for open source enthusiasts like Spark I’d love to hear how you find working with Broadcom, the common impression has always been that you have to sign 10 NDAs before even saying hello to them :smile:

As someone who spent weeks of his life working out what Smart Config was up to I have to say that while I think it’s a neat technical trick I’m glad to see it go. I’ll be interested in how Soft AP works out in terms of end-user usability. A number of products have already gone with the idea of the device creating its own AP and requiring the user to connect to that first in order to provide it with the details of the user’s real AP, but I always found it a bit of a user unfriendly process. I think I’m correct in saying connecting to an AP on iOS and Android can’t be done within an app - the user has to do it themselves through the standard phone OS mechanism. This makes it hard to do much in the way of app driven hand holding when it comes to the whole process of getting the user to connect to the device’s AP, return to some app (and fill in their real AP’s details) and then reconnect their phone to the real AP. But maybe you or Broadcom have some new ideas here? Still however it works I suspect I’ll still approve of it more than Smart Config :smile:

The price is super! Look forward to getting mine in March - roll on 2015!


This is really great! Looking forward to it!

When might we see what “Soft AP” mode really means? I imagine there are a number of us building a product that includes a mobile app, and this change moves away from TI’s smart config iOS/Android libraries. Will it be a similar architecture to allow our own custom apps to do the initial spark photon WiFi setup?


Are there any documents for the P1 available?