ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Photon


That’s what I’m talking about!! What a price… awesome!


Hey @machadolab! We’re building a mobile SDK that will take care of initial setup and connectivity, so you don’t have to worry about building out that process. You’ll be able to drop in your own branding, etc. so it feels like a natural extension of the mobile application you’re building for your product.


Congratulations! You guys just made our day! This is exactly what we have been looking for. More info on cloud pricing with bulk P0/P1 ordering would be much appreciated.


Hi @rahilj thanks for the great question! Cloud access is included with your purchase of P0 ($10) / P1 ($12) modules.


Thanks @BDub. This is sweet. We are all very excited.


Are there any documents for the P1 available? Such as dimensions, pad layout, pin mapping, whats under the shiny enclosure?



This is a dream come through, finally the IOT will be realized… Fantastic!


will it support static ip without hacks (or static dynamic rubbish)?


we’ll be sure to add it to our repo soon! In the meantime you can find some info online because it’s the same hardware as USI’s BM-14:


Can I use Photon’s Soft AP to use my cell phone’s internet connection?


Does anyone know if the interrupt pins and interrupt modes will still work with photon. Can other interrupt pins be used to wake up the core?



If you’re trying to connect through your cell phone’s internet connection, you’ll want the Photon to act in its normal client mode, and then turn on tethering on your phone. You could do this with the Core too.


Yep the interrupt pins will still work!


I see you have a nice tracker counting the number of photons sold. So when you hit 10,000 this would be the first mfg run so is it possible that the March 2015 release date could come sooner?


So by the time I am halfway familiar with the spark, there will be a new version to play with. You…you sly foxes :smile:


im so freakin excited about this. just love watching that counter go up on the home page…sparks everywhere!


Congratulations !!! . Will definitely pre-order 1 along with Motion Shield, by IDEO.

It seems you guys got no love for BLE … But its not a deal breaker …


So good to see the opensource solution beat the closed-source solutions in price. not to mention the P0/P1 solutions.

Pitty I2C cant be combined with CAN. oh well, cant have it all :smile:


Hello, did you thinked about some kind of “socket” for programming P0 Spark Modules?:slight_smile: I think this would be nice thing.


That seems like a valid argument :wink: