Android SDK & Particle Function max characters

When using the Android SDK I’m getting an error when running a function that exceeds 63 characters:

  Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Arguments ' ......' exceed max args length of 63

Same values work fine in the console. I also found this post Particle Function max characters

Am I doing something wrong or does the 63 limit still apply? Also, this works perfectly fine with the iOS SDK.

Looks like changing the dependencies from implementation 'io.particle:cloudsdk:0.5.1' to implementation 'io.particle:cloudsdk:1.0.0' . fixes the issue

Not sure if version 1.0 is ready for production since the official documentation calls for 0.5.1 Android SDK | Reference Documentation | Particle but posting in case some comes across this.

@rickkas7 Would it be time to update the documentation?