Android App Basics

Hello Users,
I’m new here, and am creating an Android App that will test my ability to execute a function that I wrote in
the IDE, for the electron. As simple as Writing to a Port, HIGH or LOW.
All that works fine in the console.

Now I have build on Android Studio, the basic Hello World and that works fine.

Graduating now to wanting to connect to the Particle Cloud using the SDK for particle

Changed build.gradle in the app to include(used “implementation” because of compiler warnings )
implementation 'io.particle:cloudsdk:0.3.1’
implementation 'io.particle:devicesetup:0.4.9’
Set up login as follows in activity.xml (adapted from GitHub site…


        public Object callApi(ParticleCloud sparkCloud) throws ParticleCloudException, IOException {

            sparkCloud.logIn("xxxxxxx", "xxxxxx");

            return -1;

Fails all the time, as far as I can tell.

So, please advise if any new updates I should use or any helpful

Thanks for any help.