All event names changed to message in Android ParticleEventHandler

My firmware creates 2 events named resultEvent and statusEvent. I can see them in Dashboard.

However in the onEvent function, the eventName string is always “message”. Has anyone seen this?


eventHandler = new ParticleEventHandler() {
    public void onEvent(String eventName, ParticleEvent particleEvent) {
        if (eventName == "statusEvent") {
        else if (eventName == "resultEvent")
            Toaster.l(getActivity(),"resultEvent Occurred");

    public void onEventError(Exception e) {
        Toaster.l(getActivity(),"Event Error Occurred : " + e.getMessage());

Is the string you are looking for not just another field of particleEvent rather than of the Android event?

The eventName string is not contained within ParticleEvent unfortunately. I’m not sure why it isn’t - it would be a good idea, in my mind. If it was, I could simply extract it and ignore the String parameter.

This is the ParticleEvent declaration:

Cause is this :

Modifying the file looks messy.
The best solution is probably to include the eventName in the data. i.e. add an eventName String to the ParticleEvent class