Adding a linefeed to Event Data

Is there a way to add a linefeed to the data displayed in the event data window? I have tried adding \r and \n to the data but the event viewer ignore them. I would like the data a little more readable.


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

I am not aware of a way to do that, but alternatively you could write a script or program that accesses the same data and then formats it in any way you want. E.g.

curl "<your access token>"

will dump out all events from all devices in Product 9999. You can do that for individual devices as well; I just happened to have that example handy. You can also filter for events that start with a certain string.

More info is here.

@albertk836 Hey! I just wanted to check to see if @ParticleD’s response was helpful in solving your problem or not. Let us know!


I just started looking into ParticleD suggestion. will update.

Thank You!