Adafruit BNO055 library for SparkCore?

Sorry for the long delay in the reply, but after i update to the 0.4.9 most of my disconnecting issues went away.

On the Adafruit_Sensor.cpp file I think that was actually mistake on my part from the web ide and deleted the .h instead of the cpp file, hind sight being 20/20. But for the sake of conformity to coding practices i would refer to this stackoverflow google find.

And since the delay is so long, how is yours working for you?


Did you guys managed to use the BNO055 with spark core?
I been trying to do it in the past few days but no luck.
I am getting the Adafruit cpp and h to compile, but when I connect my sensor it doesnt recognize it(failing to do Wire.begin() ) and usually it starts blinking green and I need to do a factory reset.
Can you guys tell me how you got it to work, and maybe share your code?


I wasn’t able to run it on Core. Same code runs on Photon though. Seems Core has some i2c issues @ScruffR

Does it work if you try my port of the library?

Yes, I tried it first with your lib, same behavior on Core: reboots on “begin” function

Well that sucks. Hopefully there is a fix for this.

This reply may not be very helpful. I have one of these sensors but I was not planning on taking it out of the package for 4 or 5 months… too much to do right now. @peekay123, we are almost in the same city, could some collaboration between us help fix this issue?

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Worked for me using the Argon. Turning off the WiFi was key in my case. Thanks for the port - I pulled in all the code and could build it but it always froze after the first set of samples.

I mean when I pulled it direct from Adafruit and modified it. Yours worked right out of the box.