Access token in VB6

Hi! I am in the process of writing a VB6 program that controls the Spark just like the Spark Core Twinker on iPhone or Android. I manage to send commands to set the outputs, to read the inputs etc. One thing I did not yet succeed in is finding the access token. Can this only be found using the Build utility? Is it normal that this access token changes every now and then?
I am very interested in contacting others that try to use VB6 to control the Spark!


Hey @middelbh,

Nice! You can grab your access_token from the API by posting to:

The post body should have the following variables:

username="your username"
password="your password"

Right now hitting this endpoint updates your access token to a new token. Down the road these will be unique by client / client_secret. So if you hit this endpoint you may be logged out of the website / mobile apps temporarily until we fix this.