Access spark device via HTTP(s) without spark cloud

As far as i can understand we can only access spark via telnet or udp without the spark cloud.

Is there any way to access spark device via HTTP(s) in LAN or via internet. We cant expect the device to be online 24/7 and most data transfer is within the LAN network in our case.

Any suggestions guys ?

Hi @pushpak - you could do HTTP by parsing incoming HTTP headers, but a proper HTTP implementation is a memory hog, which is exactly why we set up the Spark Cloud — to translate between the web world and the embedded world.

Implementing HTTPS on an embedded system like this may technically be possible, but it would very likely stretch the Core to its memory limits.

We are working on a local communications layer for when the Cloud is inaccessible, but this is a feature that might not be available at launch time, and may instead be on our roadmap for the months after delivery.

hi @zach basic HTTP also servers fine for just getting basic data mostly less than 2-3Kb. Currently there is no way to access the device from browser without spark cloud (except implementation java applets for telnet communication which is out of the question). If you could build a basic communication layer around spark device with HTTP basic skeleton, then it would be pretty cool.

Edit: Just curious what kind of communication method u guys have in plan or working on ATM for lan devices ? Cause i dont see anything which works in a browser.


Adding direct communication over TCP and UDP (not using the Cloud) is near the top of our feature roadmap; it should be fairly trivial to add basic HTTP from there.

I hate to belabor this topic but would it be possible to run an adapted version of the Webduino library for non spark cloud access? The existing libraries are for arduino ethernet and wifi shields but I think it could be adapted to the serial interface used by the spark. Anyone have any thoughts?

Sure, that would definitely be possible, and very easy to port.

So, any updates to this direct communication?

TCP and UDP are now a launch feature and in the latest version of the firmware; they haven’t been documented yet, but they will be in the next couple of days:


thank you guys so much