AB1805 deep power down

I am using @rickkas7’s library AB1805_RK

Would like to know if it's possible to change the ab1805.deepPowerDown(seconds) to minutes? It's an int so 0-255 is the max. Would like to get 1 hr deep power down out of it.



We don't recommend using the EN pin to power down a device regularly. Doing so has a risk of damaging the cellular modem. The recommendation is to use HIBERNATE mode with RTC wake instead of the EN pin.

Thanks, I'm not using the EN pin, but removing power altogether from the Li+ pin (transistor/2A switching combo). I turn off everything in preparation for removing power. Do you see a problem with that?

Also, to note in my application I run in manual mode, as I use a LoRa radio to transmit back to another cell-based particle device to send data to the cloud.

The problem is that it's hard to determine when the device is really gracefully shut down to remove the power, so the concern still stands.

Thanks, I understand the concern, what about this from the Particle firmware doc...


Eather the case, is it possible to change the ab185.deeppowerdone() to minutes?

Thanks for the support!

The disableBATFET function is normally only used for shipping mode, and is done when the device is already idle. Any given abrupt powerdown does not have a high probability of bricking the cellular modem, but the more often you do it, you can eventually get into a situation where it's no longer unlikely to occur.

Yes, you should be able to fork the library and make that change.

Ok thanks, In this case, I'm not using the cell modem or Wifi.
Could you show or explain how to make that change to minutes?

I figured it out, thanks for the info and help. much appreciated

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