AB1805 and Boron 404X Sleep Current

Reference: LOWEST BORON Sleep Current

I have implemented the AB1805 RTC and WDT hardware and software by rickkas7.. The hardware and software does a good job, but the sleep current of the Boron limits the longevity of the battery.

On a completely different board without the AB1805, I have prototyped the TPL2010 to completely shut off everything for one hour, wake up, and transmit data.

Using the Nordic Power Profiler, the reported average current per hour is roughly 39 microAmps.

My question is can I put the TPL5010 between the battery and rickkas7 circuitry? How will this effect the rtc hourly wakeup etc?

I have 100 of the complete rickkas7 designs that I would like to deploy, but the customer is asking for five year battery life. With the TPL5010, this five year life may be possible, if the AB1805 is not put into some strange state.

My attempted analysis of the AB1805 library is not real good!!

Thanks in advance

Which sleep mode are you using and what power consumption are you getting in sleep? In ULP mode with RTC wake it should be around 47.6 uA, however there are a number of things that can prevent you from getting to that.

How are you disconnecting the power with the TPL2010? The EN pin or a load switch?

The AB1805 library has the deep power off feature that can use the EN pin to remove power. However I forgot that because the EN pin has a 100K pull-up, forcing this low using the AB1805 actually draws more current than the ULP sleep.