3G bridge for Home Automation Controller

How do you get a notification when your home has lost power, or lost its internet connection? Enter Particle Electron!!!

Frustrated when power was interrupted at our home, my Vera locked up or my Router needed to be rebooted… this all left me unable to connect to my home automation system if I wasn’t home.

I built this device to be able to

  • Get notifications in the case of either a power loss or loss of internet connectivity.
  • Behave like a watchdog and power cycle either my Router or my Vera box in case either one glitches out.
  • Allow Vera to see if the device is properly functioning and alert if it is not.

Vera Electron 3G Bridge on Hackster.io

I’m sure that there is a narrow audience for this, but perhaps someone can take some learnings from it, or adapt it for their home controller…