128 X 64 Graphic Display Hook up and library

Hi, I am new to Photon and for any of this embedded stuff. I have got this screen:

I need to display some simple figures on it … like a big exclamation mark or a tic or a reminder.
Could you please let me know how to hook this screen up with photon and what library to use for the coding.

@shregz, can you please provide a link to the actual display you bought. The datasheet is only part of the information needed to help you.

Thanks @peekay123. Pardon me for giving incomplete details. This is the link to the actual product.

This is all I have on it. I hope it helps.

Hi shregz

The display you’ve bought uses the NT7108C controller.
As far as I know, no one has written a library for this for the Particle platform just yet.
A couple of options:

You could have a look at the Adafruit 1306 library (you’ll find this in Particle Build), and adapt this library to work with your controller. Adafruit have also written an easy to use and well commented graphics library for this, and @peekay123 has also made an adaptation that supports multiple font sizes (which is great thanks @peekay123!!!)
You’ll find example code for this display on the Newhaven Display app notes page, however it looks to be written in basic which isn’t ideal.

Now my personal opinion is that unless you have a really good reason for using this display, just go with one of the Adafruit 1306 displays. I have just spent 3 whole days brushing up my C++ adapting the Adafruit library to work with a Newhaven SSD1325 (which is probably a lot more similar to the SSD1306 than your driver is). I’m not sure how experienced you are at programming but even for a good programmer, it isn’t a trivial job, as each display works a little differently.

To add to the above, I believe your display uses 5V logic, which may require a level converter between the Photon and your display (the Photon uses 3V3 logic).

@shregz, @G65434_2 has some good points though he did miss one little item - the NT7108C is compatible with the more common KS0108 controller. The display, however, uses parallel I/O requiring a lot of the digital pins of the Photon. I have similar 128x64 displays and use a digole “smart” back pack which makes the display both intelligent and multi-I/O compatible (serial, I2C and SPI). This backpack is compatible with KS0108 controllers so should work well with the one you have. Check it out!