When can we expect a firmware update for Photon to fix I2C functionality?

My patients is running out on a fix for I2C functionality on the Photon. I have requested an update on the status last week from support and no response. I have been waiting patiently for a month now after purchasing multiple Sparkfun Photon Weather Shields, multiple Photons and a slew of temperature probes and various I2C breakout boards. None of them work consistently as the I2C stops working correctly. I see mention (within the last 5 days) of some firmware updates that happen if your application needs them. When can we expect a firmware update to fix the I2C functionality? Also, better communication on this issue would help!


I answered here, before I saw this:

That would be that automatic system firmware upgrade system, which is being worked on very hard. At the very last minute some weird bugs popped up. Those really needed to be fixed before being able to push out the new system.

It’s being worked on, and tests are probably being done as we speak to test out new fixes.

Any thoughts, @mdma, @christine, @satishgn, @Dave ?

@wmjenk, I share your frustration since I also have a Sparkfun weather shield and battery shield. The initial fix did not work consistently (weather shield was ok but not battery shield!). If you are compiling locally, there is a new fix available for testing. I’ll be testing it tonight and hopefully we can put this issue to bed!

I’ve also discussed with Particle a way of tracking open issues in some kind of a log format. I believe they’ve started working on something. This will help centralize the presentation of outstanding and resolved issues. :smile:


The whole firmware team are working on resolving the I2C issues - it’s our top priority, and we very much hope a solution is available soon.

Just to give you an insight into what we are dealing with, there are in fact bugs in the silicon of the STM32F205 that we are working around, so not all the issues are under our direct control, but we of course will do what we can to work around these. Our goal is for I2C to work for all devices where they work on the Core and other platforms.

Thanks for your patience so far and for bearing with us.


This would really be great if they could expose open and closed issues (and the status on open ones) to the community. While I have found the community postings very helpful and educational having clear communication on major issues with a shipping product is critical for developing trust. They could expose parts of Zen Desk for this purpose (I have used it previously) although I found the tech support features of Sales Force superior in the long run for bug tracking and status updates. I especially like the Sales Force Knowledge Base options which allow customers to quickly find solutions to known problems and get updates. I hope they address this communication issue and not just depend on community postings.

@mdma, Thank you for the clear update on the status for this issue. I am pleased to hear that your team is focused on a solution. Sorry to hear about the silicon based bugs as I am sure that adds another level of difficulty to the solution. I look forward to being able to test a proposed solution. Good luck with the bug squashing.

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Hi @zach,

Thanks for your update I also heard from @mdma with an update on their team efforts. I do feel better knowing this is a team and company priority. I look forward to testing out the updates when they are ready. I will take a deep breadth and focus on some other issues on my projects. BTW, I am trying to make the Photon the center piece of a k-12 school gardens project using the garden, sensors, micro controllers and the web to enhance STEM learning. I expect to present a workshop at the k-12 STEM Symposium (sponsored by the Cal. Dept. of Ed among others) in late October. Best, bill

Very cool, please keep us posted about how that workshop goes! And of course we hope to get you the fixes you need with plenty of time for your workshop to be successful :smile: