Webhook to AWS/Telegraf

How are you testing the webhook? I struggled with this and posted my specific issue / solution on another thread.

I am running my solution on DigitalOcean but otherwise it is just a cloud VM with Telegraf / InfluxDB so it should work the same. A closer match to my solution would be a simple VM on AWS Lightsail with the Telegraf port exposed.

I would suggest breaking down the issue like this:

  1. Make sure the Telegraf webhook input is working by testing with curl or some other tool. You should either see data show up in InfluxDB or some related errors in the Telegraf logs (or no response indicating Telegraf is not reachable - could be an AWS routing issue).
  2. Instead of using the Particle Webhook Console "Test" feature, publish test data from a Particle device with an appropriately formatted JSON payload. The test feature will connect to Telegraf but produce an error because Telegraf won't be able to parse the test data.