Telegram webhook to publish event!

Hi everyone, this is my first post on the community. Sorry if I put this on the wrong category. :s
The thing is, I want to be able to publish an event on particle when I send a message to a telegram bot created by me, but I can’t figure it how to make this possible so I’ll be grateful for any help.

Take a look at IFTTT which may be the easiest path here. There’s a bit of latency, but not too bad generally.

What is it you want to do eventually?

I already use IFTTT but I need to use the bot from them. What I want to do it’s to use my own bot in the same way, send a message with a key phrase to the bot I’ve created then when the bot get that message it can publish an event with some data.

How have you created that bot? As in, where is the logic running?
Particle uses a REST API, so you should be able to call that from the bot end to publish something to the cloud.

I’ve created the bot using the bot father only, I’ve created a webhook in the particle console to send a message on the chat when an event is published using:<chat_id>&text=Door%20Open
But if I want to use the same form to publish an event through telegram, it is possible?, cause I’m not very good at https :confused:

Hi Roger, pretty sure I’m late, but perhaps this can help future visitors to this topic.
I explain how this can be done here: