Suggest User Interfaces Category or Software

Hmm, you mean like this???

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I’m surprised @BDub . Was it always like that or is that a very recent improvement?

If you go to, the description is available for each category as well.

Your looks a little special…maybe a :spark: elite extra feature. Actually no, i tested and i have it too :smiley:

Maybe the description should be shown on the dropdown list of categories at the top left. But this is a discourse feature issue…i don’t think we can change for now

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As far as I know it’s always been that way :smile: Oh look I see a little smile on your avatar! :spark:

The dropdown list on the left - it would be nice there too.

As I started this topic requesting a “User interface” Category and it sounded like a good idea to me at the time but, now I am having seconds thoughts. Found some ammuntion :smiley:

We need a Category for “Web Apps”.

Non-Compiled Web Apps - (Further Description)

This will be inline with the proposed document = “Deploying a Spark Web App”


@BDub has a web app on GitHub. HTML/JAVA

I’m working on a web app. HTML/JQuey (Here’s the Web Based Part):

Others are working on Web Apps as well to control the spark core.

NON COMPILED WEB APPS. are not Firmware; are not Cloud Software; and ARE NOT GENERAL or META :smile:

Well, I’m Back, with more reason to push for Sub-Categories this time.

I try to be a real trooper and do search for previous posts that might help me with my projects and sometimes it pays but more often or not it does not.

Let me give you my example of today:

I search LCD

I search Liquid Crystal

I search Liquid Crystal Display


What I needed was under LiquidCrystal Display !!!

And thanks to @bko for passing on a link to get me to the already available and much desired information on a using a 16x4 LCD on a spark core.

@spark Please consider adding Sub-Categories to Categories for example.

Putting all LCD related under “Hardware --> LCD” !

Would save 1,000s of hours of searhing in a years time and is that not important !!!

I know there has been talk of adding tags or something like it to the forum but the timing is off since there is a big update coming for the forum software.

In this particular case “LiquidCrystal” is the name of an Arduino library that lets you interface to these displays, so that was the discovery key.