[SOLVED]Make Photon run code without being necessarily connected to the Particle cloud

How can I make my Photon run code (setup, start) without being necessarily connected to the Particle cloud? Sometimes I am loosing connection to the cloud, and my circuit just stops executing.

#include <math.h>

int voltage_pin = A2;        //Pin assignment that will receive the signal from the voltage shield
int relay1 = D7;            // Attach the relay 1 on D1 pin from Photon
int relay2 = D6;            // Attach the relay 2 on D2 pin from Photon
int pushbutton1 = D3;       // Attach the pushbutton 1 on D3 pin from Photon
int pushbutton2 = D4;       // Attach the pushbutton 2 on D4 pin from Photon

volatile int state_relay1 = HIGH;       // Initialize the relay 1 as HIGH or ON
volatile int state_relay2 = HIGH;       // Initialize the relay 2 as HIGH or ON

// Setup of the Photon pins and serial port communication
void setup() {
    pinMode(voltage_pin, INPUT);     // Input Pin for the voltage sensor
    pinMode(relay1, OUTPUT);                                  
    pinMode(pushbutton1, INPUT_PULLUP);                      
    attachInterrupt(pushbutton1, toggle_relay1, FALLING);   
    pinMode(relay2, OUTPUT);                                 
    pinMode(pushbutton2, INPUT_PULLUP);                     
    attachInterrupt(pushbutton2, toggle_relay2, FALLING);

// Main function that will continuously call for helper functions to do its logic
void loop() {

    double voltage = get_voltage(); 
    digitalWrite(relay1, state_relay1);  
    digitalWrite(relay2, state_relay2);  

    Serial.println("The voltage is:");
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Never mind guys, just found this code in another thread and it did the job:


const uint32_t msRetryDelay = 5*60000; // retry every 5min
const uint32_t msRetryTime  =   30000; // stop trying after 30sec

bool   retryRunning = false;
Timer retryTimer(msRetryDelay, retryConnect);  // timer to retry connecting
Timer stopTimer(msRetryTime, stopConnect);     // timer to stop a long running try

void setup()
  pinMode(D7, OUTPUT);
  if (!waitFor(Particle.connected, msRetryTime))
    WiFi.off();                // no luck, no need for WiFi

void loop()
  // do your stuff
  digitalWrite(D7, !digitalRead(D7));
  if (!retryRunning && !Particle.connected())
  { // if we have not already scheduled a retry and are not connected
    stopTimer.start();         // set timeout for auto-retry by system
    retryRunning = true;
    retryTimer.start();        // schedula a retry

void retryConnect()
  if (!Particle.connected())   // if not connected to cloud
    stopTimer.start();         // set of the timout time
    Particle.connect();        // start a reconnectino attempt
  else                         // if already connected
    retryTimer.stop();         // no further attempts required
    retryRunning = false;

void stopConnect()

    if (!Particle.connected()) // if after retryTime no connection
      WiFi.off();              // stop trying and swith off WiFi

Glad you were able to figure out your issue!

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