Serial monitor information from a remote photon

I have remote photons and need to see the messages from devices connected via the cloud. Can I do this?

Can you use Particle.publish(...) to publish the most important information? Keep in mind that you can only send about 1 msg per second.

Beyond that you would need to use another cloud service, establish a connection, and send the messages that way. MQTT is common for this, and others may be able to recommend a good platform for a basic application.

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Another option is to use the LogHandler. It handles both system logs and can handle user logs as well. You just need to replace your Serial.print with calls. It’s also better because it’s thread-safe, and does things like timestamp the entries for you.

I send the logging for all of my devices over an encrypted TCP connection to my server which stores them in a MySQL database.

Another option is to use the Papertrail log handler to log to the Papertrail service: