Sending data to the Spark

Has anyone considered extending the spark cli program and by extension the ‘cloud’ so that we can write variable data into the spark?

Obviously I can have my cores do TCP requests of various servers to do this, but I would like something like

spark variable set <variable_name>

As well as a matching thing using a URL.

It would also follow then to be able to publish events available too.



you can do this now using a Spark.function() that sets variables using the value you pass it.

Not perfect but works for most of us :wink:

With that said, being allows to SET variables would be nice!

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Good suggestion, I had not considered that, I guess I could also do something similar with the publish command too (now that I notice the cli program has it!)

Thanks v much

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Take a look at this tutorial to get a feel for how you could go about adjusting variables using the Spark.function():

Thats great thanks, lots of things to follow up reading


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