Rule Engine update?

It’s coming up on 2 years since the first mentions of Rule Engine. Any updates?

IFTTT tells me I have 11 days before they archive some of my applets that are acting on particle data. I was really hopeful that some type of rule engine functionality would exist by now, especially for the more maker-level use cases.


Looks like it’s an enterprise product:

Least that’s all I found with a quick search.

Nothing from any @particle people? Even a conditional on webhooks values would get me 80% there and make it so I don’t have to create separate events for every ‘out of normal’ value.

@will what is the status of the beta Rules Engine?

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Hi All,

A news update regarding the Rules Engine is forthcoming. Please look out for it.

Particle Technical Support


Did I miss the forthcoming update?


The update is here:

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