Queue data in cloud while device is offline?


It has not happened. Thank you for bringing it up. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to report that we are actively designing a feature that could fill this need though. There’s no telling exactly when it will be released, but the topic is finally bubbling up! Sorry you had to wait so long!


Has it happened now? I have exactly the same issue. I want my device to be powered off must of the time, and as soon as is online again, retrieve all pending events.


The introduction of the Rules Engine has provides a means to achieve this. It’s still in Beta though, but feel free to apply :slight_smile:


Jordy’s right about the rules engine, but no, the feature I was referring to in April got deprioritized as we ramped up to all-hands-on-deck for the third generation hardware.

Luis, I appreciate you advocating for this feature. Please keep doing so. As my best guess right now, I do not foresee it being implemented before mid-2019 at the earliest, probably later.

In the short term, your best bet is to implement the queueing in your own web app, along these lines:

  • in your own web app, enqueue the messages
  • make sure the firmware is subscribed to hook-response/get-messages (see the webhook tutorial)
  • on wakeup, have the device publish a get-messages event
  • create a webhook that listens for that event and hits your web app
  • the response body of your web app should be a list of messages in a format that your firmware can process

Good luck!

:point_up: FYI @jeiden (product manager of the feature you’re asking about)