Power supply to LiPo plug instead of VBUS

Yes, I've looked at those. Both on the particle store as well as Adafruit site. The components on the custom circuitry will definitely not fit on a featherwing board. We would need a custom PCB with a slot for the particle... I also wished Particle sold us headerless Xenons/Borons/Argons but I know the reason why they do not.

But back to the main topic for powering the Particle via LiPo/VBUS. In summary...

  • LiPo needs 3.6-4.2VDC. 5V not recommended. This is a pity since most PSUs are within the 3.3V or 5V range. I'll look at sourcing another PSU if need be.
  • Debugging via USB while VBUS/VUSB is powered should work if the 5V levels are stable. Else, diodes + disable VCC on USB while powered by VBUS.

I'll keep you guys posted if this works or blows up but if you have any suggestions I'm all ears =)

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