Photon with TensorFlow Google's Artificial Intelligence Software


Here is the github site for Google AIY


Has anyone seen

looks like we can now do Machine Learning using just javascript. You can import a Tensorflow model onto a static webapge.

Not yet really easy but it is getting easier. Eventually a neural network chip will be available to connect with the photon. Anyone interested in this area of SMART IOT?


Deeplearnjs looks very interesting to combine with the particle photon.

I am presently looking into how to use it. Eventually I will see if I can get my class to combine deep learning with my Photon projects.


I will be making videos about using in the browser. The main website is at

Remember that the eventual goal of all this is to get the Photon working with a website and Machine Learning.

Baby steps at a time.


So Deeplearnjs became Tensorflowjs and all my work got deprecated but I have built a new website at

I still think the combination of products and machine learning using Javascript is really powerful.