Photon gethostbyname alternative?

I got my pile of Photons today :smile:

I am trying to compile my Core code for the Photon.
I get this error :
firmware.cpp:263:55: error: ‘gethostbyname’ was not declared in this scope

Is there a new / alternative way to resolve the host name to ip address ?

YES! From “The Photon Changelog”…the docs aren’t up to date yet:

Theoretically, this feature should be coming to the Core with the 0.4.0 release.

Check out the other new undocumented features here: The Photon changelog - what's new and different from the Core

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Thanks @WebDust21
This worked, and the new call is nicer than gethostbyname since it uses the IPAddress datatype
the same as the HttpClient library.