Particle Webhook Not Firing

Hi. If you were able to resolve the issue, kindly report back what you discovered so it may help others in the community. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

If I am understanding correctly, you are clicking on the "PING" button on the console? If so, that might not be much help, in this case. Here is a link with more info about that:

What may have happened is the port forwarding for your device may have been disrupted during the server error session. Once this occurs, the server will forever ping your device over a port which does not exist any more. There is more information about "UDP hole punching" here on the forum and elsewhere.

What @gusgonnet was referring to by asking you if you already had a timer, or some such thing, to occasionally issue a Particle.publish() command, in your current running code, then perhaps the error would resolve itself once the command executes - without restarting/resetting your device.
Let's say, your code might look something like this:


setup() {
  Particle.subscribe("hook-response/credentials", getIotCredentials, MY_DEVICES);
  ... //your code
loop() {
  ... //your code
  if (twelve_hours_passed_since_last_ping) {
    if (Particle.connected) {// may block if NOT connected
      Particle.publish("ping", "alive");

If ever a forwarding port becomes disabled (you will never know when) this may restore a working connection for you.

Also, Particle.keepAlive(), can be useful to checkout:

Other helpful things for us to know about your situation are:
what device are you using?
what firmware release OS is installed on it?

I forgot to include this link. @rickkas7 talks about port forwarding and blocking. Good to know about:

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