Particle P1 not entering Listening Mode

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Ive recently been working on my own design for Particle P1, and was able to get it work. However, when i soldered the second board i have the issue that i am not able to get it into listening mode, same thing happens when i try to go into safe mode. However I am able to get it into DFU mode. Any ideas on what the issue could be are appreciated.



Here is a link to the video:

So digging through the docs, i realized i am getting the SOS pattern , one blink , and then the SOS pattern which similar to the event described below

Seems like a firmware issue, given that i have not claimed the P1 yet (Since i cant put it into listening mode) what should be my next steps from here to fix this?

@ScruffR , @rickkas7 any words of wisdom. Still having the same issue, not sure if i have to replace the P1.

Too bad, Rick has mentioned not too long ago that there are some circumstances where some erroneous HW connections can cause this behaviour, but I cannot recall what exactly that was :blush:

Update (10 sec later):
A quick search in the forum for P1 hard fault rendered this

searching the forum before posting a new question is always a good idea :wink:

Hey @ScruffR, thank you as always for your response. Yes, i did search before posting the question and also came across the post you have shared. However, the pins in question are NC, as recommended by @rickkas7. Please see below


You mentioned it worked on the first board as expected, but not on the second.
Hence the question is, could it be that itโ€™s not the PCB itself which suffers from that issue but maybe the soldering job introduced a connection where there shouldnโ€™t be one?

Some unintended solder blobs/bridges might be the reason.

As Rick mentioned, even signal traces routed in tight proximity to these pins may cause undesired effects. The schematic alone does not show your physical layout.

Yeah the bridging is hard to tell, although at face value I was not able to locate any bridging. The solder seems to have stayed within the boundaries of each pin pretty nicely. Below, is a zoom in from one of the side, this is pretty much how it is with other pins

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For the traces, there isnt much going on in that area that would suspect me to believe the routing is causing an issue:

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