Particle Device OS Updates: Comments

Can I get a link to the bin files for firmware 0.5.0 for electron?
@mdma, @BDub

@developer_bt, look at the bottom of the linked page:


Here no bin files for 0.5.0 files is for 0.5.0-rc.2. :smile:

I was again a problem with detection of firmware version in Web IDE.
Again I returned to 0.4.8 then update to 0.5.0 rc2 with DFU, and now is detected as 0.5.0 in WEB IDE.
Why can not update via OTA to a newer version?

0.5.0-rc.2 is the same as 0.5.0, they are identical.

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0.5.0 is out! :smile:

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This is truely awesome, softAP pages on the photon at last :smiley:

Where can I find more information about this: Added support in HAL for a SMS received callback handler. Is there any example or documentation?Are there examples or documentation:

Will USB HID be part of the next photon firmware 0.6?

The respective “issue” was milestoned for 0.6.0 and is already merged/closed, so I’d think so.

Is deferred/queued updated planned for 0.6.0 also ?

I guess not since it’d be mostly a backend effort rather than in firmware.
But in order to keep track of the back log, have frequent looks at the issues/milestones on GitHub.

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@BDub, is it worth a disclaimer in the low level GPIO functions to indicate that pinMode() settings are up to the user and not handled by the fast GPIO commands?

If there is no mention of that already there most definitely should be :slight_smile:

Hey @peekay123 just following up on this one… it is already noted that pinMode() should be used before calling the fast GPIO functions:

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I think something has stuffed up. Tried recompiling and flashing my user code to Electron this morning and it runs with flashing magenta, sign that you have changed the default firmware on the cloud build and my local version is out of date. Inspect cloud build, no sign as to what default version is but 0.5.3 is mentioned but not as pre release. No hint in the Firmware Update thread on forum. Decided to just to a particle update in CLI and see what happens, it did update to 0.5.3 even though no mention on the forum. However compiled a test program and flashed it and nothing works, I suspect there are some links missing,
Anyone out there to help???

@pNrie - did you get this resolved? If so it would be interesting to know what the resolution was. If not, can you confirm the firmware target selection for your device in the WebIDE is still set to what you had selected.

Is it the intended behaviour with 0.6.1-rc.1 to get a spark/status/safe-mode event on each wake from deep sleep on Electrons?

The funny thing is, that I get the expected spark/device/last_reset power_management event in consold, but then a second or so after I get the spark/status/safe-mode event inserted below the already present spark/device/last_reset power_management line.

Where can I find the description of the additional flags for System.sleep()?
Even in
I can only finde SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY but no mention of SLEEP_MODE_SOFTPOWEROFF - and are there any more?


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