OAuth2 Authorization Code Flow


Hi @bdh. I’m writing an app in typescript but the cloud api documentation is incomplete. Mind if I ask where you found the /scope and /approve end points? There’s no mention of them in the Cloud API docs… Cheers,


Hi @monkey, I was trying to debug my oauth failure so I turned on logging of network traffic in my browser (Chrome developer tools). The /scope and /approve requests show up after the initial /authorize request. You should not need to do anything special for these, they fall out naturally from the protocol for the account linking.

The only end points you need to be concerned with are the authorize and token. As mentioned above, here is the skill configuration information that worked for me (once I used the right version of the protocol!):

I did eventually get my code working with Alexa V3 protocol but it had a number of changes from V2. I wrote it in Python and could post that if there was interest.



The above method works fine Non org accounts (Non Customer Account) but not able to able to login with customer’s credentials.

Is there any different oauth URL for customer login?


Has anybody been able to figure the account linking for Alexa Smart Home Skill for Customer Login (and not non org accounts)?

I get the following if I try and login with the customer credentials: