Is deep sleep functionality something in the works?

From what I’ve read deep sleep isn’t possible due to nRF52’s clock. The datasheet however indicates that “Deep Sleep Current” is TBD. Is this something that will be possible in the future? Thanks

Deep sleep is possible and implemented. Look at the sleep docs here. Look at paragraph 3 under the System.sleep() header. The only way to wake from deep sleep is by pin. You cannot wake after a set period due what you mention about nFR52’s clock not running in deep sleep. If you need to wake from the clock, then use Stop mode sleep (i.e. System.sleep(D2,Rising,60)) Preliminary testing I’ve seen shows the difference in current consumed by Stop mode sleep vs Standby (deep) sleep is approx 10uA.


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Thanks for the responses. I wonder if the Photon is a better choice for projects that need to wake every other hour and perform a task then sleep, since deep sleep can be executed on a timer.

You can use Stop Sleep on an Argon which will still use less current than the Photon in Deep Sleep - especially after some more tuning.